Parity Systems

Custom Software Development

Parity designs and builds tailored systems for our clients. Our software products directly contribute to the improved operation of the client's business.

Custom development is a real alternative

Parity works with a rich library of open source packages that we tailor and enhance to closely fit the requirements of our clients. The costs are for development work done to your specifications, not initial or renewal licensing charges. Predefined products and services often mean changing your operation to fit the package, versus software built on your design: functions that enable efficient use of your resources.
The systems we develop are designed to get things done. Parity takes a practical, results-driven approach to the work. Our project plans are your project plans - concise, in clear language, and directly targeted to your requirements. We work within the limits you set.
Parity provides extensive support for all our development work. Our experienced staff will be readily available at implementation, to train and guide new users, to answer a technical question.
The integrity and protection of your data are basic to all our design and development. We'll help you assess the level of security that fits your operating environment.
Parity design integrates future expansion, and there are no additional software costs attendant on increasing volumes.
Availability of the software source and our use of current development tools and methods assures both long term adaptability and future sources of maintenance and support.