Parity Systems

AS/400 Legacy Systems

Preserve and build on your investment in AS/400 - iSeries - System i

Skills and experience

Parity has in-depth skills and active experience creating and maintaining thousands of custom applications and systems on the iSeries, as well as previous IBM mid-range systems. We're fully conversant in the RPG languages, SQL, CL, SDA, and DB2 database tools.

Revise and enhance

We offer full development capabilities within the iSeries OS/400 environment, to handle revisions and additions to existing legacy applications, database changes and new requirements.


Parity provides hands-on application and infrastructure support for installed iSeries - AS/400 systems, on and off site.


Transform your legacy applications to an open and flexible three-tier design. Parity has the skill sets and experience to plan and implement a smooth transition forward:

we work hard to learn the content and use of your legacy applications, assess their business value and limitations, identify immediate objectives, and consider long term scalability
we'll collaborate with you to map an approach that meets your goals efficiently
system redesign
your conversion design will incorporate existing high value content, draw on new capabilities, and permit compatibility across environments
software development
our redevelopment work specifically targets preserving value, discarding legacy constraints and applying enhanced functionality to requirements
we integrate database migration and phased application deployments in the conversion roll-out
systems remain fully available during the transition.