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Sample Applications

Lauch. Requires Java

Operations Calendar

The Operations Calendar is used to schedule, organize, and view activities and their inter-dependencies. The user can group activities in categories, any combination of which may be displayed simultaneously. Event projection and recurrence rules can be as complex as needed or as simple as once a week. Activity dependencies can be defined to an essentially infinite depth. The user may describe activities in great detail, and to associate related tasks, documents, files and functions. This application has utility in virtually any operational environment, including manufacturing, data processing, distribution and many others.

Calendar features

  • Activity occurrence projections and scheduler
  • Prerequisite activity and occurrence management
  • Comprehensive recurrence rules
  • Event completion tracking
  • Multiple calendar maintenance
  • Shared database across calendars
  • User and group permissions
  • Detailed activity level permissions


The Calendar is an example of a custom application written as a Java Web Start (JavaWS) program. JavaWS is a framework that allows users to start a Java application directly from the Internet using a web browser. Each time a web start application is run, the most recent version of the program is downloaded to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on the local machine. The download can be from the local network or from the internet. The JVM is all that is needed, there is no install process. The application may use local machine resources.

Java Web Start programs:

  • launch from a web browser or directly
  • manage application updates automatically each time they are run
  • run independently of the browser, once started
  • can download a Java runtime environment (JRE) if the user does not have Java installed.