Parity Systems

Parity Development Approach

Parity uses a considered, adaptive approach to development. Rather than applying a rigid methodology, we view each project individually and create a development plan that fits the scale and scope of the project. Too much structure makes smaller projects impractically costly and time-consuming, while larger efforts often benefit from a formal project organization. We adapt and consolidate development steps to fit each project.

We believe that analysis and design are aspects of a single process, one that starts with the content requirements and project setting. We use an interdisciplinary approach: design and development reflect each other at every stage.

In general, we begin with a snapshot of the environment, getting a good overall view of the project context. From there, we establish the concept and scope of the work, define the problem to solve and the goals and purposes of the work. We objectively assess requirements and narrow the focus, working with the client to set informative, productive benchmarks. We present design options and rough cuts, and from these generate a workable model. The model is developed and built into a functional version, then tested and refined to reach acceptance. After staged deployment through trial to production, we monitor the project, collect and assess feedback, and provide user and technical support.